What's new at Tri-State Loco works?

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What's new at Tri-State Loco works? Empty What's new at Tri-State Loco works?

Post  Overrun on Wed Jun 29, 2011 6:45 am

We've been working on increasing Tri-State Locomotive Work's productivity, and along with that comes up-keep of out website and forum.
So, what exactly is new?

For starters, we now have a "Chat Box" located at the bottom of the home screen. Here, you can log in and chat with other members of the TSLW site when they're online.
Just remember, any online member can see what is typed into the Chat Box, so watch what you say!

We have our LINJ Working job sheets, bid sheets, and other information trackers. Those are viewed by members (and employees of the LINJ) under YOUR OWN profile.

We have now introduced a "Points System"! This means you will receive Points for everything you do here at TSLW. A point a day is awarded to each member registered. While even more points are given if you; post a reply to something, start a new topic, post a photo, and so on.

We are also working out kinks in a new facebook app, that will allow you to stay connected to the forum and latest happenings here on TSLW, via Facebook. Once a few minor things are worked out in the programming, the application will be launched, and all members of TSLW should receive a "Welcome" message.

What about the Trains?
Of course this site is still about all the TSLW releases. In July, the delayed "Modern Erie Lackawanna" packs will finally be released, as well as a bunch of new items.

Thanks for taking the time to read what's new, and thank you again for being a part of the Tri-State Community!

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